At Friendship, we have several programs for everyone to get involved. They Include:

Women's Missionary Union(WMU) is the program for adult women. They meet once a month and go over mission programs in our area, and beyond. They plan programs to reach out and provide for others within the Church.

Girls in Action(GAs) is for the younger girls. Much like RAs, they meet and get in the word with older mentors.

​Royal Ambassadors(RAs) is for the younger boys in the church. They meet on Wednesdays at 7 PM, and have a chance to get in the word with older mentors.

Youth Group meets on Sundays and Wednesdays, and allows the youth of the church to get with their friends and get in the Word, and are lead and mentored through difficult times.
College and Career is much like the youth, this group gets all of the young adults together to get in the word together.

Ironman Men's Group meets once a month to study God's Word, fellowship, and build each other up.

Golden Nuggets(Seniors) meet several times a month, and is a time of fellowship for the older individuals at the church.

Outreach is a program to assist those unable to attend service, by visiting and bring copies of the service out.